I agree to allow Writestyle the following average time allotments for addressing/packaging the following quantities:

These and other quantities and timelines may be negotiated.

Quantity Time Allotment
50-1001-2 weeks
250-500*** 2-4 weeks
500-750*** 3-5 weeks
1000*** 6-8 weeks

*Packaging means cards, envelopes, maps, protective sheets, etc. in correct order within inner and outer envelopes, as applicable (mainly wedding invitations), according to proper etiquette.

**Tentative dates, scheduled 6-12+ months in advance, may be changed with sufficient notice of at least 30 days.

***Volume pricing discount available for: 250 qty. = 1%; 500 qty. = 5%; 1000+ = 10%. Add 25%-50% for RUSH.

Fees and Inclusions: I agree to pay Writestyle's fees for professional hand-addressing/packaging services. In order to reserve a place on Writestyle's schedule and to guarantee compensation for their professional services, I am computing and paying my total bill now, according to Writestyle's guidelines, via credit card or cashier's check/money order (before services are rendered).

  • Without folding:
    $.75 per wedding invitation (includes addressing and stuffing of response cards, folded maps, etc.); $.35 per card (with up to 2 small/folded additional pieces).
  • With folding service:
    If I do not fold my maps or other pieces (especially 8.5" x 11" or larger) to fit the envelope, I will pay Writestyle to include the folding service, to total $1.00 per wedding invitation and $.50 per card.
  • With calligraphy service: I will add $.50 per wedding invitation/card.
  • Discounts and RUSH Fees:
    I also understand that the 10% discount that applies to repeat buyers of Writestyle's other professional services does not apply to this service but that volume discounts, as designated, are given on large hand-addressing orders. I will add 25% for RUSH service to my fee for up to 500 quantity; 50% for 500+, on a timeline agreed with Writestyle.
  • Cancellations and Refunds:
    If I cancel my event and reservation in writing with Writestyle before I mail my materials, Writestyle will refund 95% of my fee; if I cancel in writing after Writestyle receives my materials but before they begin to fill my order, Writestyle will refund 90% of my fee; if I cancel in writing after Writestyle has begun work on my order, Writestyle will retain 25% plus the cost for each completed invitation/card.

    Upon submission of this order, I warrant and agree that:

    (1) (reflected on page 1) is my tentative number of invitations/cards to be addressed/packaged.

    (2) Any increase in the number of invitations/cards will be agreed upon between the parties, according to Writestyle's schedule and acceptance, with sufficient notice.

    (3) I will provide 10 extra invitations/cards/envelopes per 100 as a margin of error, for possible use by Writestyle. (Note: Writestyle will not charge for addressing and readdressing envelopes on which they err.) Writestyle will return any unused cards, if requested to do so.

    (4) I will allow 1-2 weeks for mailing all supplies from my address to Writestyle's. After I have consulted with U.S. Postal Service or other packaging authorities regarding applicable weight and required postage for all contents, I will include at least sufficient postage and allow 1-2 weeks for Writestyle to (choose 1 or 2):

    1. mail all of my completed invitations/cards to my recipients (Writestyle will not mail unless/until I provide all postage and will mail to me a postal receipt and a copy of my annotated list of addressees); or
    2. mail all of my completed invitations/cards back to me to examine/mail.
    (5) I will provide to Writestyle-using their form or my own a typed list of addressees' names; titles, special titles, marital or living arrangements (in addition to single or legally married); complete addresses (including ZIP codes); and any other pertinent information and special supplies (specialty inks, stickers, etc. in sufficient quantity) that Writestyle must have in order to address my invitations/cards with appropriate etiquette.

    (6) I will provide answers/clarifications to Writestyle's questions as soon as possible.

    (7) I will hold Writestyle, its affiliates and agents professionally and personally harmless against any complaint of alleged breach of work agreed upon and performed.

    (8) I will pay additional charges for Writestyle's RUSH services (beyond the initial agreement), if Writestyle is able to accommodate my request, at the rate of $50 per work hour.

    (9) I will pay Writestyle's bill in full via money order, cashier's check, or my personal/ valid credit card before services (original, add-on, or RUSH requests) are provided.