For law/med school or residency applications

Item 1
Write/develop/format both PS and CV for residency, medical school, or law school application
(1 complete draft and 1 modification session of up to 2 hours for PS & CV together).
$400.00 Order
Item 2
Write/develop PS, or comparable substantive edit* of PS, and standard edit of CV
(99% of CVs need our improvement).
OR: Edit PS (standard) and write CV.
(1 complete draft and 2 mod. sessions of up to 1 hour each for PS & CV together)
*If you are not sure whether you have a complete draft or simply a set of notes, please e-mail it to us for a quick evaluation before you pay and we'll clarify your fee.
$325.00 Order
Item 3
Write pg. 1 brochure/newsletter (technical).
OR: Write letter with 1 hour research (technical).
$299.00 Order
Item 4
Standard edit of PS and standard edit of CV.
$275.00 Order
Item 5
Write pg. 1 of brochure/newsletter (NT).
OR: Write pg. 2 of brochure/newsletter (technical).
OR: Write 1-2 pg. NT Ltr. w/1 hour research.
OR: Write 3 thank-you letters (3/4 – 1.0 pg. ea.).
$249.00 Order
Item 6
Edit PS (medical or law school) (up to 500 words) (no CV).
OR: Write additional PS that is extremely different from other new PS (e.g., IM to GS/Rad/Uro/ Ophth).
$199.00 Order
Item 7
Edit additional PS that is extremely different from other new PS (e.g., IM to GS/Rad/Uro/Ophth).
OR: Write CV/Resume (avg. $150/pg. 1, $50 ea. addl. pg.).
OR: Write Dean's Letter or Letter of Recommendation (LOR).
OR: 24-hour RUSH service.
OR: Pg.-1 Letter (technical).
$150.00 Order
Item 8
Write 3 thank-you letters (1/2 pg. ea.).
$125.00 Order
Item 9
Write CV only.
OR: Write/edit additional PS that is not terribly different from original current PS (e.g., FP to IM).
OR: Write Pg.-2 Letter (technical) or pg.-1 letter (NT).
OR: 48-hour RUSH.
$100.00 Order
Item 10
Technical writing (1 Hr.) (includes technical Web sites).
OR: Edit CV.
OR: Critique 35-pg. manuscript.
OR: Write Pg.-2 Letter (NT).
OR: 72-hour RUSH.
$75.00 Order
Item 11
1-hour of substantive editing or NT Web-site writing.
OR: Write one (1) Thank-You Letter (1/2-pg.).
OR: 1 hour of consultation or additional work on same project.
OR: Retype faxed/postal-mailed draft (1-3 pgs.) Apr.-Oct. (busy residency-application season).
$50.00 Order
Item 12
Proofreading (NT), 1 hour. (Add $10/hr. for tech. proofing, NT editing, or writing changes.)
OR: Retype faxed/postal-mailed drafts Nov.-Mar.
$25.00 Order
Item 13
Overnight-delivery airmail or equivalent items/charges.
OR: Additional hourly fee for weekend work.
OR: Type sgl.-sp. tech. pg.
$15.00 Order
Item 14
Deluxe copyediting, sgl.-sp. pg. (limit 15 mins. per pg.) (or $50/hour).
OR: LD phone/fax charges.
OR: Times 2 (to $20) for postal rate increase (beyond $15) for overnight express mail.
$10.00 Order
Item 15
Deluxe copyediting, dbl.-sp. pg.
OR: Type dbl.-sp. tech./sgl.-sp. NT pg.
OR: Type 2 dbl.-sp. NT pgs. ($3.50 ea.)
OR: Postal rate increase (beyond $5) for 2nd-day-delivery priority airmail or equivalent service.
$7.00 Order
Item 16
Basic copyediting per pg.
OR: 2nd-day-delivery priority airmail or equivalent service.
OR: Minimal edit of 2 pgs. we are typing.
OR: Extra per-pg. charge for difficult-to-read tiny text.
OR: Long-distance phone/fax charges.
$5.00 Order

We will work with you to negotiate a reduced package fee if you have LORs/Dean's Letter and numerous PSs/CVs. Please read the Important Notes that apply to the essay service.

At times, we update this page and other pages on this site. If you find pricing that disagrees with what we already quoted/documented to you, we will honor our agreement with you.

Please total your fees, register/pay, and hit the “Submit” button ONLY ONCE. If you accidentally hit the “Submit” button multiple times for the same transaction, and if we cannot void the additional credit-card processing fees before the end of the day, especially for American Express, we will need you to pay those additional charges plus the new online processing fees.

No matter what you need, we commit the finest expertise within many hours of work for you. Many applicants have commented that cost and value are unbeatable! Our clients' testimonials tell it all.


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