The Problem

You're planning a special event that involves many details. Whether it's a wedding or an anniversary, a birthday party or another special event, you have too much to do and too little time! You're not sure how to address inner and outer envelopes according to delicate social situations, what order the enclosures go in, or which way to insert the inner envelope. And you don't want more paper cuts or writer's cramp! What to do?!

De-Stress With the Personal Touch

Let Writestyle help you! We will:

A. Compose the message within your invitation, if you wish.
B. Arrange/assemble your invitations and envelopes, address the inner and outer envelopes in beautiful handwriting according to proper etiquette, affix your postage, and mail your invitations. People really do prefer the personal touch of a hand-addressed envelope. Taking that extra step to hand-write it, versus using a printed stamp or a computer-generated label, shows that you care and makes people feel special.

C. We’ll also collect, tally, and report your RSVPs (for a reasonable additional fee). Kindly complete a sign-up form with your reservation (listing names and other event details). On your invitations, reception or RSVP cards you can ask guests to respond to us via one of the following five methods (your choice):


Mail their cards to: Writestyle, 901 Blanche Drive, West Carrollton, Ohio 45449.


Call in their responses to 937-866-5366. (Voicemail will take their message if we miss their call.)


E-mail us: .


Fax us: 937-866-4887.


Use our “Contact Us” page at

These services are huge time- and trouble-savers for you, well worth the money. We do the work and you get the great results, including an accurate, confirmed guest count for your wedding, reception (baker, caterer), and more. Let Writestyle's personal touch de-stress your next event while adding thoughtfulness, elegance, and a sincere, lasting impression.

What to Provide, and How

Whatever your special event, just send your invitations/cards, fillers, and a typed address list to us via Insured, Registered or Certified mail; they'll be safe in our hands, stored in a file cabinet, and locked in our office. Please designate/include children's names, formal titles, special situations, extra instructions, any specialty inks, and extra (10%) supplies (invitations, envelopes, etc.). We'll also compose, address, and mail your announcements, thank-you cards, and more with equal care if you wish and for an additional, reasonable fee.

Planning and Postage

Consult your postmaster to determine per-invitation and total postage fees. Send postage and everything else to us, and we'll do the rest! We'll even deliver all of your invitations to the post office for you. If, instead, you wish to mail them, also include sufficient postage (including Insured, Registered or Certified mail fees) to cover our mailing them back to you along with leftover supplies.

For planning purposes, please allow 1-2 weeks for mailing from you to us and 1-2 weeks from us back to you ALONG WITH an appropriate number of weeks (please see chart on next page) in between mailings for us to fill your order. Our office is only a mile or so from the nearest post office and a couple of miles from another.

Quality and Fees

Excellence, thoroughness, timeliness, and confidentiality are assured (especially for business and celebrities). With "Accuracy = Credibility!™" as our hallmark, our double-check system will assure that each piece is perfect and that RSVP tallies are accurate and reported to you, the baker and the caterer, etc. Fees are addressed here, along with a list of special events and a reservation/agreement form. Fees cover correct addressing, assembling, and stuffing for inner and outer envelopes. Volume discounts apply.

Remember: People prefer the personal touch of a hand-addressed envelope and the time and caring that go with it. Let Writestyle take the hassle (and writer's cramp!) out of your special event while providing the professional, personal touch..

Visit our helpful pages on Wedding Etiquette when mailing your announcements and our Wedding Planning Checklist.

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