Accurate, Fast, Confidential

Our typists have 10-40 years' experience. Using the longtime "Accuracy over speed" motto, they work rapidly AND accurately. Practice really does make perfect!

They also employ their excellent hearing and reasoning abilities while transcribing standard audiocassette or microcassette tapes or digital recordings of English-speaking people. Please call or e-mail to gauge our availability for your project. When requesting and paying up front for transcription services, please remember that 4 hours is the average period required to transcribe each 45-minute side of a 90-minute tape, such as of a meeting or a trial. Therefore, at $22.50 per hour (a competitive rate) x 4 hours, our standard fee for transcribing ONE side of a tape would be $90.

When we encounter a word that is difficult to hear/determine, we listen carefully twice; afterward, if we still cannot distinguish the word we type a blank line several spaces in length (your editor may fill it in later). We keep a careful record of how much time we devote to each tape/side and charge you only for time expended on your behalf, including for final proofreading (and possibly for minor editing, when authorized). We will notify you if a tape is requiring more time than you have paid for; with your written authorization for us to continue and your agreement (via e-mail or fax) to pay the balance, we will finish transcribing the tape and notify you of the balance you owe on that tape. Once you've paid the balance, we will release your tapes and the transcript to you. On the other hand, if transcription time results in a fee that is lower than you paid, we will cheerfully refund the difference.

Depending on the size of your project, we normally need on average one or two hours for final proofreading of the transcript we prepare for you, at $15 per hour. Editing of your manuscript, at various levels and matching prices, can be furnished, also. Usually, only minor editing (copy editing/line editing for correct punctuation, grammar, spelling, diction, and such) is needed and paid for at $20 per hour. We will not change quoted speech except for logic, completeness, and flow, only when authorized. If you want only transcription and final proofreading (no editing), please tell us. Regardless of your project, our expertise and service will be excellent and affordable.

For RUSH transcription services, add the following to the total project fee: $75 for one-day turnaround; $50 for two-day; $30 for three-day; otherwise, $25 per tape for multiple tapes.

Clients, such as LexisNexis and fraternal organizations, have been delighted by the quality and timeliness of our transcription service with minor editing and final proofreading.

Please send (e-mail or USPS) several random sample pages or your entire manuscript, tape, or set of tapes to Writestyle for evaluation and Request A Quote. We will gladly respond with an estimated or exact cost for us to complete your project.

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