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Your dissertation/thesis, journal articles, and other scholarly writings are big steps in your academic career. You've spent countless hours researching, compiling, analyzing, formatting, and writing your information into a masterpiece within your field of study. You may feel confident in your work; or, you may not be sure that the text flows logically, words are spelled correctly, and sources are documented thoroughly.*

Someday, after it's reviewed and approved, your paper will be published--that is, if you first will allow an objective editor to review it and recommend any necessary improvements. With "fresh eyes" and an impartial awareness, that editor will identify and tactfully correct (without impugning your subject matter or intent) unclear, confusing, or incomplete passages and many other types of errors that your intense familiarity with the manuscript prevents you from realizing.

No matter what your level on the educational ladder, we believe that your knowledge about your subject and your hard work on your paper should constitute the better part of your grade. However, in the real world we know that teachers and professors can hack away at your hard work by deducting points for a lack of ability in writing, spelling, documenting, and more. Don't you deserve the best possible results? Let our editors beat your teachers and professors to the punch. We'll suggest improvements and corrections to your work, giving you the opportunity to understand and enact the changes of your choice to your paper.

Other Students: Our customary business ethics are that we will only edit what students write. However, in emergency situations we may write a short (fewer than 10 pages) college paper from a student's research and outline.

*All: We normally do not have time to find or check APA, CMS, MLA, Turabian, or other guidelines for proper formatting of sources (paper/bibliography/footnotes). Know your instructor's required format (please give us a copy) and prepare your paper accordingly. If necessary, we then will try to check that you have included a source for every reference and may check your list for obvious errors.

For any of the above situations, please send (e-mail or USPS) several random sample pages, your entire manuscript, or your outline/instructions/research to Writestyle and Request A Quote. We will gladly respond with an estimated or exact cost for us to complete your project with affordable expertise and service.

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