See what clients and business associates say about Writestyle's services and solutions:

"I am delighted to recommend ... Writestyle for technical and nontechnical editing, writing and proofreading assignments ... goes the extra mile ... thoroughly, superbly and on time."

L. Woods, Booz-Allen & Hamilton Inc.

"Thanks for all the hard work on my behalf. It is really worth the money! I got my first choice in the match: UT Houston. I received 17 interviews out of 22 applications! It went very well for me in a very competitive field. Thanks again."

Robby Holland, M.D. Candidate, March 2003

"Writestyle has performed technical writing services for this company on the subjects of cellular communications, engineering, and oven processing systems. We have been satisfied ... and we recommend ... wherever they may be applied."

E. Bagley, Marketing Services, Inc.

"I am happy to inform you that I got a match at an institution which is my first choice. In addition, . . . my friend . . . will be in contact with you soon. Thank you for your help."

Hyeonjoo Choe, M.D., March 2003

"... how pleased and satisfied we have been with the excellent proofreading training that was provided by Writestyle ... recommend Writestyle to anyone who desires to improve this area of their business skills."

C. Myers, Digital & Analog Design Corp.

"[Writestyle] . . . prepared my CV and personal statement for Internal Medicine. . . . attitude was professional . . . work flawless . . . quick to understand my objectives, experiences, and ideas and was able to concisely convey them on paper. ... Not only was I granted an internship . . . I pre-matched and started my job six months earlier than expected."

M. Rafeuddin Azaz, M.D., Kings Brook Jewish Medical Center

"I want to thank your company, Writestyle, for the support, professionalism, and exceptional service that they have given the Advertiser Communications group over the years . . . One of the main reasons we rely on Writestyle is the fact that they are 100% reliable, every time . . . able to meet our deadlines with accuracy and attention to detail. Not only is Writestyle an expert, but they also are very pleasant and cooperative. ... Writestyle's expertise, adaptability, and professionalism are second to none."

Cynthia J. Geary, Advertising Comm. Mgr., L. M. Berry Co.

" I am happy to say that I matched at my top choice of University of Massachusetts. I got many compliments on my personal statement on the interview trail. I sincerely appreciate your help and am glad that your service exists to help in what is one of the most important processes in the life of a fledgling physician."

A. Brett Cook, M.D. Candidate, March 2003

"[Writestyle] Vickie worked with me to provide me with a CV and personal statement of the highest quality for psychiatric residency application. Vickie has an intuition for what goes on in the mind of amateur writers and the gift to express it in the most positive terms. I especially found her attention for detail remarkable. She was concerned with such tiny but important details . . . "

Asra F. Siddiqi, M.D.

"Our personal statements helped us a million. . . . the doctors kept congratulating me on the good job that I had done. Ricky and I matched [as a couple] in Naussau Medical Center in Long Island, NY. He matched in Surgery Categorical, which we were especially thrilled about because that position is rarely given to foreign grads, and I matched in Psychiatry. Thank you so much for doing such a great job for us because we are sure that one of the reasons for our accomplishment was that great letter of presentation that you did for us!"

Judith & Ricky Castrellon, M.D., June 2002

These clients have reaped the rewards of Writestyle's expertise. They know that mistakes, through carelessness or ignorance, are costly to their businesses. They also know that "Accuracy = Credibility!"™ Details and good writing ARE important, especially in contracts, marketing materials, and Web pages. That's why they trust Writestyle to help them establish and maintain credibility and years of profitable business. Writestyle will do the same for you. Include your own testimonial here by emailing (writestyle@mindspring.com) or faxing (937-866-4887) to Writestyle. Thank you!

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