Proper Etiquette for Addressing and Assembling Your Invitations

Use of proper etiquette in any situation of everyday life is important. Appropriate wedding etiquette is equally important when addressing and assembling wedding invitations and announcements. Rules vary from situation to situation and from outer envelope to inner envelope.

If you were to abbreviate or omit a name or title from or include too many names on an invitation; or to inappropriately address a person or a couple based upon their ages, their current or former marital situations or living arrangements, their civilian and military ranks and titles, your uncertainty regarding the rules of etiquette probably would mildly offend or even insult someone. If these people are important enough for you and your beloved to invite them to your wedding, they're important enough to be addressed appropriately on your invitations and announcements.

Also, most people are very confused about the proper sequence in which items within the invitation should be assembled. There are so many pieces: the tissue paper, the reception card, the response card, the maps, and even miscellaneous informational pieces. What goes where? Who has the time and patience to keep it all straight?

Addressing the envelopes properly will help you to keep relationships with your guests intact. Assembling the invitation's internal components in the correct order will make things easier for your guests. Of course, you could guess or assume regarding proper etiquette and assembling sequence. But a better plan is to show your respect by taking the time to do the research. Better yet, transfer the responsibility to a professional expert to address and assemble your invitations and announcements in proper wedding etiquette. You can get the personal touch and proper etiquette while avoiding unnecessary added stress and writer's cramp when you entrust this responsibility to Writestyle.

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