Writestyle's president, Vickie Weaver, and other associates and trainers are highly educated, experienced, and versatile; most are current or former educators and journalists. Staffers have served many corporate, government, not-for-profit, and private clients in over 30 years:

  • NCR, Motorola
  • Total Safety/HAZCO
  • LexisNexis, Prescients
  • The Singer Companies
  • The L.M. Berry Company
  • Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Inc.
  • Marketing Communications, Inc.
  • Foundations & Hospitals
  • Medical Students & Health Pros
  • Universities, Academics, Students
  • Newspapers, Magazines, Printers
  • Government & Contractor Agencies
  • Authors, Other Individuals & Many More

These firms and organizations have reaped the rewards of Writestyle's expertise. They know that "Accuracy = Credibility!"TM and that details and good writing ARE important, especially in contracts, marketing materials, and Web pages. Writestyle will work wonders for you, too, including for your Web pages.

Writestyle is a highly respected/requested consultant for law/medical school and residency applications. Unlike ordinary essay-writing agencies that know nothing about U.S. medical boards' requirements and law school admissions committees' preferences, we specialize and provide the expertise that makes the difference for applicants. Please come to Writestyle FIRST for expert, affordable services.

For any of the above situations, please send (e-mail or USPS) several random sample pages or your entire manuscript to Writestyle and Request A Quote. We'll respond with an estimated or exact cost for us to complete your project.

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