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Welcome to proofreading, editing, grammar online training

Welcome to Writestyle Online Campus

Writestyle is pleased to offer the availability, ease, flexibility, and affordability of round-the-clock online learning. Our courses can benefit most teenagers and adults, but they are intended mainly for business people who seek to improve or refresh their knowledge and skills for immediate application on the job. Some students may be able to complete certain courses in one workday or less, depending on their availability, attention span, retention, and more. However, we ask students not to rush through them; we urge them to maximize learning and benefit from their investment by studying slowly and carefully, practicing what they are learning, and then reviewing the chapter/course before completing and submitting quizzes/tests. Some quizzes and their results can be viewed only by students within the course. Some are e-mailed automatically to Writestyle when students click the "Submit" button. In other cases, especially in the Proofreading and Editing courses, many quizzes and tests must be downloaded/printed out so that students can apply proofreader's marks or meet other requirements; such completed tests must be sent via postal mail to Writestyle (ideal scenario) so that the clearest copies may be reviewed, scored, and returned to students. At times, students who have clearly legible tests may scan them into their computers and e-mail them to Writestyle; however, if they don't transfer clearly, we will have to insist that you send original copies via postal mail (and keep Xerox copies for your own files).

Effective, Efficient Editing
$99 – Learn the basics, types, steps, marks, terms, tools, methods, common errors, tips & tricks, and opportunities of editing, and become a better editor.
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Proofreading for Perfection
$99 – Refresh and improve both your awareness of the most-common types of errors and your skills through this course of proven proofreading techniques and tips. This is our most-popular course. However, it is not for highly advanced students/workers who use only the latest state-of-the-art technologies for proofreading. Some proofreading is still done directly on paper, which remains an excellent way to practice skills and marks. Every student should benefit in numerous ways from this course; the proof is in the scores and in our recommendations for improvement.
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Punctuation & Capitalization
$99 – From periods to parentheses, practice putting each piece of punctuation in the right place for the right purpose so that you can become an expert.
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Grammar Grip
$99 – Speak, write, and spell well in any situation. Get in and get out with a good grip on grammar!
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"The Works"
$375 – Get a grip on Grammar, Punctuation, Proofreading, and Editing at one place, one low price. Zap mistakes, save time, and knock their socks off!
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Enroll 9 students and let the 10th attend FREE. If you wish to enroll multiple students at once but don't have time to register each individually with usernames/passwords, take the easy way out: Just pay your total fee by credit card, company check or money order, and then mail/e-mail to a list of your students' names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers (including the "FREE" student); we'll register them and then notify them of their respective access codes.

*Please remember that the name on the credit card and the registered billing address must match.

When you order/pay for a course, you are not yet registered. Please include the name of the course you are ordering. Please follow up immediately with an e-mail to tell us the student's name if that student is not you (e.g., sometimes supervisors pay for employees and parents pay for older children to attend), your desired start date, your intended completion date, and the student's contact information (e-mail address/phone number/company name--if you are not the student). PayPal will notify us of your order right away. We then will register you for your course and e-mail your username, password, and course expiration date to you.

(For several years, the top gateway payment processor handled clients' payments to us; paying students were able to register themselves immediately for the course(s) of their choice. However, after that company mishandled too many clients' payments to us, we had to switch to PayPal, the sure thing.)