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"Accuracy = Credibility!"™ since 1996

Details and good writing ARE important, especially in contracts, marketing materials, applications, and Web site pages. Error-ridden or incomplete documents can ruin your chance to win and keep clients, avoid a lawsuit, get a job, make a great impression and a sale, and much more.

  • Lack time, skills, or objectivity to write or edit it? Hire Writestyle’s experts!
  • Your document may contain improper tone, unclear meaning, incorrect grammar, flawed structure and flow, incomplete information, and other errors. If so, editing* is necessary.
  • Portions or certain types of documents may need to be proofread** for accuracy.

For “Accuracy = Credibility!” hire Writestyle’s objective experts for nontechnical and technical services for the Web and from ovens to aircraft, psychology, and beyond. Examples are:

  • Applications to Medical School, Dental School, Physician Residency, Fellowship, College, & more
  • Expert Essays, CVs/Resumes
  • Books: Editing, Ghostwriting (nonfiction): Our editing and journalism backgrounds, and our experience in writing and publication of our nonfiction books, will serve you well. For editing, please message us and send your manuscript for evaluation. For ghostwriting, please furnish a synopsis, an outline, and maybe an audio recording of your story, and arrange for discussion with us.
  • Business: Reports, Articles, Letters, Manuals, Marketing Materials; Summaries/Distilled Copy
  • Award Nominations: Writestyle has written nominations that have won awards such as the Dayton Ten Top Women Award and the JCPenney Golden Rule Award, among others. Want to win?
  • Freelance Journalism Our background in having interviewed and profiled business leaders and others and in having written a monthly Grammar Grip column can benefit you.
  • Dissertations & Theses (edit/type only)
  • Personal/Event Writing: We’ll write a Eulogy, Toast, Speech; Poetry/Limerick from facts you furnish.

Mistakes and oversights are costly to business and personal endeavors. Entrust your work to our 40+ years of expertise, harmonious service, and affordability that honor your budget, trust, deadlines, and satisfaction. E-mail your document to us and Request A Quote.

*Editing corrects and completes, at various levels, even to the point of restructuring, reorganizing, and rewriting portions of text. It’s a higher-level knowledge/skill than proofreading and warrants a higher fee.
**Proofreading is the side-by-side comparison of new and old copies of basically the same text/numbers for accuracy and survival of changes. (Add modest editing to a proofreading job at a reasonable cost.)

“Thanks for the quick turnaround. Try as I may I just cannot edit my own work. You are a lifesaver. Great work on the document. I knew from your initial assessment of my writing that you were the right person. In fact, I am attaching another document. . . .. – Isaac Palmer, Sr., March 8, 2017

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