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Punctuation and Capitalization

Punctuation and Capitalization (punct_101) $99.00
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Marks of punctuation in written prose are like traffic signs and signals on the road through life. They point us in the right direction, lead us, tell us where to stop and to pause. If we didn't have them the confusion would cause traffic jams and accidents in our sentences. We wouldn't have anything to indicate logical relations among parts of our sentences and to help in clarifying our sentences’ meanings.  The only way to be sure that punctuation marks are doing their jobs, instead of hindering your sentences, is to understand the rules and then to "police" your sentences.

Learn proper punctuation to create appropriate pauses and to ensure accurate comprehension for your readers. From commas to dashes in sentences, punctuation rules! In addition, you'll learn how to bring respect and clarification to your terms and sentences through correct capitalization.


  • Understand the functions and uses of punctuation marks.
  • Recognize when, where, and why punctuation marks and capitalization are (and are not) needed.
  • Bring clarity, credibility, and meaning to your correspondence.
  • Boost your confidence and your clients' confidence in you.
  • Save valuable time.
  • Ensure a first-rate first impression (in writing or in person).


Writestyle's pros are so good at punctuating and capitalizing correctly as part of their writing, editing, and proofreading services, their clients and others asked them to develop a course on the subject. As a result, people from all over the world request the course. Writestyle’s associates and trainers are highly educated, experienced, and versatile; most are current or former educators and journalists.


Punctuation & Capitalization does not require students to purchase books; all information that you need is included in the course. However, the course does suggest supplemental readings for those who may gain additional confidence from keeping a topnotch reference source at hand.

Punctuation & Capitalization
Course Outline

Lesson 1: Capitalization
Correct capitalization gives respect to terms and clarification to your sentences.

Lesson 2: Hyphenation
Hyphens are like little tow trucks on the road of life. Get hitched, not left in the dust.

Lesson 3: Periods & Slashes
Periods are the red lights that prevent run-on accidents in your sentences.

Lesson 4: Question Marks
A question must be indicated clearly in order to attain a definitive answer.

Lesson 5: Exclamation Points
The ! probably is the most easily understood and used punctuation mark.

Lesson 6: Commas
Commas are brief pauses on your reader's road through your correspondence.

Lesson 7: Colons & Semicolons
Should you use a comma, a period, a colon, or a semicolon? Find out here.

Lesson 8: Dashes & Parentheses
Learn how dashes, hyphens, commas, and parentheses differ in form and usage.

Lesson 9: Quoting
Learn when, where, why, and how to quote and to do so with other punctuation marks.

Lesson 10: Spacing Rules
One space or two? Space correctly for confidence and clarity.

Lesson 11: Final Exam
Pass the test and get the green light to graduate.

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