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Tools for Copyeditors, Journalists, Proofreaders, Readers, Speakers, and Writers

Writestyle editors with many years of experience in writing, editing, grammar, proofreading, and training have compiled the following lists to share with interested novices and professionals:

Style Guides, Style Sheets & Other Publication Checklists: These practical models and references serve as useful guides for greenhorns and pros.

Proofreading Marks: Every proofreader, editor, printer, and other publications professional should be familiar with these marks.

Homonym Homepage: Words that sound alike also have different meanings. This handy list of the worst offenders will be helpful in business and informal situations.

Common Confusion: The correct usage of many word pairs is commonly confused, often because people mispronounce the words or are unaware of their correct usage. This list will help to keep readers, writers, editors, and speakers on the right track.

Spiffy Spelling: Those who faithfully practice from this list of frequently misspelled words should significantly enhance their spelling skills within a matter of weeks.