For law/med school or residency applications

NOTE 1: June through October are our busiest months in providing residency services. Costs for certain supplemental services increase during those months because requests for those services can affect our productivity in completing a large number of applicants' papers fairly and timely (please see fee schedule).

NOTE 2: Please do not ask us for sample personal statements. We can neither breach our clients' confidentiality nor share our expertise free of charge. We understand your need to feel comfortable that you will receive honest, knowledgeable, excellent product and service; please review our Testimonials page for kudos from some of our clients. However, after you pay your fee we may consider altering and emailing to you a file sample within your field of medicine.

NOTE 3: Please do not try to negotiate with us regarding our fees, except possibly to agree on a package price for a set of several written pieces (such as several PSs and LORs). We have established our fees carefully based upon our expertise and the average amount of time and work that we must commit to produce finely tailored papers for you. Our expertise and time are valuable and priced accordingly yet fairly, as attested to by many applicants. However, on a rare occasion that a draft requires less than the average amount of time and effort, we willingly refund the unused portion of our fee. Because of the intense and often rushed nature of this service, we do not offer or give discounts.

NOTE 4: ERAS will not allow Writestyle to handle your online submissions for you due to system set-up and the sensitive nature of your personal information.

NOTE 5: If you wish to distribute or post Writestyle's business cards or fliers for med/law application services on approved school bulletin boards, we will send our cards or fliers to you, with our thanks.

"Thanks for all the hard work on my behalf. It is really worth the money! I got my first choice in the match: UT Houston. I received 17 interviews out of 22 applications! It went very well for me in a very competitive field. Thanks again!" Robby Holland, M.D. Candidate, March 2003

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