5 Steps To Expert Essays for Law/Medical School & Residency Applications

Step 1)

A. If you're not certain whether you have a complete draft:
Please send your draft/notes for evaluation. Also send your CV; information in the PS and CV complements/clarifies one another. E-mailing those documents to us at will save time for us and money for you ($25-$50 retyping charges for faxed and postal-mailed pieces). Be sure to tell us UP FRONT your deadline, complete name, e-mail address, phone/fax numbers, and times when we may reach you at those numbers.

B. If you truly have a complete draft for editing or are ordering full development/writing services:
Please total your fees and pay via one of the following methods (we do NOT accept personal checks):

(1) Credit card (hit “Submit” button ONLY ONCE) via links on this page or "Contact Us" page. If you accidentally hit the “Submit” button multiple times for the same transaction, and if we cannot void the resulting additional credit-card processing fees before the end of the day, especially for American Express, we will need you to pay those additional charges plus the new online processing fees quickly.

(2) Wire, Send to "Vickie L. Weaver, West Carrollton, OH," Company President. (Western Union requires a Writestyle official's name as addressee.) Please notify us via e-mail of your transaction and its confirmation number.

(3) Money order or bank draft in overnight, two-day, or regular mail. We will acknowledge receipt, via e-mail, of your payment, draft/notes, and CV.

Step 2) From your draft/notes, we'll prepare a list of questions/comments, in addition to using a highly praised questionnaire that we devised for this purpose. In so doing, we will seek expansion, specificity, and/or clarification. We'll communicate quickly via e-mail.

Step 3) When we finish preparing a professional draft, we will e-mail it for your review. If necessary, you may schedule a free 15-minute consultation to expedite clarification for the final copy (most effective/efficient at this point in the development process).

Step 4) We write/edit the final copy. We'll provide additional services only after we finish the first and after we receive your second payment. We'll send your papers via your preferred option (e-mail, fax, or postal-mail of hard copy and/or hard copy on floppy disk).

It's that easy! Just choose and pay for your service, send your papers, and relax while we draft, edit, and finalize the finest application available anywhere!

You may pay here for services.

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